Thursday, 22 May 2014

My training experience!

I bagged my first contract as a freelance trainer and the topic that I had chosen was 'Integrating Creative Writing and Academics'.

I had the experience of my lifetime, least said!

I had to deliver the lecture to two different groups of teachers and after many years I gave a 7 hour lecture!

In the second batch there was a teacher who participated enthusiastically and I kept interacting with her throughout my lecture. At the end of the session, she told the audience that she had put pen to paper in an attempt to demonstrate what she had understood thus far.

To encourage the other participants to follow her, I asked her to come forward and read out what she had written. She came forward and her neighbour walked out with her. 

Enthusiastically, I announced to the class that we had two people who were willing to prove their prowess. The second teacher told me that she was following her colleague to read out what she had dictated.

Puzzled, I looked at her waiting for her to explain herself. 
"Ma'am, she is blind and cannot see!" told the second teacher and I stood rooted to my spot.

Just before the blind teacher volunteered to read her work, I had completed 3 1/2 hours of a power point presentation that had many video slides.

When I heard what she had written tears streamed down my eyes and I left the class in the pretext of drinking some water.

I recalled what my father often told me:
"Learn to Learn;
Learn to teach;
Teach to Learn!" 

I taught to learn yesterday!


Raadhika Bala said...

Really Contemplative thought....For every teacher...every writer like us....