Friday, 16 May 2014

Hero worshipping – A unique Indian bane

This week discussion is on self help.
The victory of Narendra Modi, to me, is yet another indication of the average Indian mind-set.

For time immemorial Indians look forward to one man wonders. Before long Modi will become the next avatar, that has arrived on the Indian soil as an avatar of God. This God will kill all evil and bring peace, prosperity and harmony while the people can happily go back to their lazy way of living.

The great poet Subramaniya Bharatiyar, through his poems opposed this mind set in Indians.

He narrated the scenes involving Draupadi in the light of this mind set.
“Mottai Marangalena Nindrare,
Pottai Pulambal Evvazhi Pomo?”

When translated it reads thus:
When Panchali was dragged on the streets by Duschasan, the people of the kingdom stood on both sides of the street like tree stumps and when the evil man was out of ear shot, started abusing and cursing him. To what avail were there powerless cribbings?

They all wished for God to take an avatar to teach the evil people a good lesson.
And lo and behold, God took the avatar of Lord Krishna. The concept of one man bearing the public cross, so that the rest of us can relax and enjoy, is fast becoming the bane of the modern society.

It is time for a re-think. Many of us feel democracy has taken a re-birth in India, with Modi’s victory. One man’s victory cannot change the mind set of the millions. It is time for each of us to take on our own responsibilities. We each should contribute towards strengthening the vision of the man we have elected today. 

Instead of hoping and waiting for another Modi to raise from the rubble of the streets, we each should absorb one value that we see in Modi. It is about time that we change our own mind-sets and stop hero worshiping one man who is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of his people around.

Today let each of us vow to become a Modi unto our own selves. Let us take the oath of sacrificing something for the betterment of our nation.

Let India be ruled not by one Modi, but be a land which is enriched by millions of Modis who, willingly walk, shoulder to shoulder with their elected leader!