Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Angry River!

Once there lived a boy named Kuchel in a village. He lived all by himself as his parents were busy trying to make both ends meet. After eating what his mother gave, the boy would go to the riverside and while away his time, throwing stones into the clear water. Only the noon sun had the power to evacuate him from his cosy seat.

As years went by the little Kuchel grew into a young lad. He started feeling lonely. He was getting bored and hence decided to play a prank on people around him. He called a naïve looking passer-by and told him that the river was angry. He told the trusting man that whenever he sat and thought of God it would start becoming muddy in protest.

Kuchel then asked the man to shut his eyes and think of god! When the passer-by did that, he churned the river using a bamboo stick that he had planted into the river.

When the man opened his eyes, he saw a muddy river!

Soon word spread about the river’s anger. People, initially trickled in, one by one and he was able to keep his game alive. Slowly a large crowd gathered and Kuchel did not know how to stir the lake without people watching him. He told them that one person in the crowd is cheating and not thinking about God. So the river is no longer angry and hence was not getting muddy. 

Soon there was a fight amongst the by standers. Each one blamed the other for cheating and they all decided to sit still, eyes closed, thinking about God. Kuchel then sat in a meditating position and pointed to one of the unsuspecting fellow-villager. Kuchel then told the crowd that the man was cheating and not thinking about God!

The crowd started admonishing him and soon he was asked to leave. After the man left, Kuchel pointed to another lady and told the crowd that she was mad and depressed. She started protesting. Kuchel told people around to notice her carefully. Everybody started looking at her. She became embarrassed and began shouting at people, telling them not stare at her. But slowly the crowd was convinced that the woman was mad. They started gossiping amongst themselves. The hither-to strong lady started breaking down and did not know what to do. 

Tears strolled down her cheeks as she started protesting, but to no avail. The attention of the crowd slowly turned towards her and people forgot about the angry lake.

In just a while a sage happened to pass by the river. On seeing the crowd bullying a lone lady he decided to intervene. Upon hearing that the lady was mad, he told the crowd to leave. The people gathered around left. He then asked the lady what had happened. As soon as the lady began narrating what had happened, Kuchel fell at the Sage’s feet and told him that he had begun all this as a game and had not thought that it would end thus. The Sage was angry with Kuchel.

He called the villagers back. The sage then addressed the gathering:
“I came here upon a request from the river God. She told me that she was angry with a man called Kuchel for constantly pelting her with stones and physically abusing her. But the clever man was trying to distract her by bringing the innocent villagers into the matter. She now has requested me to tell you all that it becomes your duty now to ensure that Kuchel does some productive work and stop abusing her.”

On hearing the Sage’s words the villagers were angered beyond words and reprimanded Kuchel. They ensured that he no longer sat on the banks of the river and who ever saw him there chased him away. Kuchel took up a job in the neighbouring town and in due course became a responsible man.

In due course Kuchel became a responsible man and the river became calm once again!