Sunday, 18 May 2014

R.I.P. - Lip Service!

The victory of Modi marks the end of an era, an era which was ruled by the Congress Party. The end of Congress rule in India signifies the coming of age of a country that revelled in mediocrity fuelled by self-doubt and infighting.

But when a country whose history has been inked in the colours of slavery and sacrifice, the rule of congress that kept it together as one unified front, while paddling furiously underwater, was justified.

But evolution has erased the past pages by propelling a new idea that spells MODI. The history of slavery has diminished to a dot!

The new idea is fuelled by self-respect that will now replace self-doubt. This idea will do away with the, ‘What can the ordinary man do?’ slogan with, ‘With every drop an ocean is not far!’

The need to maintain a united front no longer seems to attract the younger generation. That need is now long past! Today’s need is guidance. The youngsters are looking up to older people who can guide them. They want to work their way ahead, only they do not know where to start. A strong leadership that can teach them exactly this is what has replaced the older and redundant thought process.

The whole world has come together under a common umbrella called the Internet! The cyber space has redefined the global boundaries. Geographical distances somehow, no longer seem to matter! The time is ripe to welcome this new world order and it is heartening to note that India has taken the lead in this regard!

In celebration of this coming of age of my country, I have attempted my first poem in Hindi and it goes thus…

“Har ghar mein banega,
Modi jaisa ek mulga!
Jo sirf baat nahi karega,
Balki, kaam karke aage badega!

Sirf sarkaar banana nahi hamaraa kaam,
Unnathi laut aayega har din har shaam
Har haath badega, ghatega cheezon ka dhaam
Har hot bolega ‘Modi’ ka naam!”

When translated it reads,

Every house will have a child like Modi, who will etch his way forward through hard work. Forming a government is not the only job, but to usher in progress by working hard, day in and day out.

Every hand will extend support to keep the economy thriving, while every lip will hail Modi’s leadership!