Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Fertile Mind!

The fertile land is only as good as an infertile soil,
If the farmer fails to till.
Intelligence is like the fertile land without a tree,
Until its rough edges are smoothed by industry!

No matter how much information is out there,
If humanity fails to share,
The world will forever remain a very dark place,
In which ignorance will conquer the human race!

And then, when intelligence partners experience,
Wisdom thrives with common sense.
When age-old shackles around the world are broken,
 Not a word more will be, in mindless anger, spoken!

When logic forms the basis of world’s thinking.
Progress is just in the offing.
Gone will be the shallow power of heightened ego.
The seeds of compassion will find the right place to grow!

Author's note:

Intelligence without wisdom is hurtful while wisdom itself is intelligence expressed with compassion and understanding. 

While aging is only a process of converting one's intelligence into wisdom, maturity blooms as you proceed in the path shown by wisdom.

Fear not, to tread this path. It may, in the beginning seem tough, but in the end, it is life well lived!

Ageing is a natural process that mellows you down and prepares you for the journey ahead...