Monday, 13 May 2013

Why Frogs croak?

Once upon a time there lived a frog named Leapy in a forest. During a particularly harsh summer, the forest reeled under a drought unseen. The animals did not have enough water to drink and were struggling to stay alive.  Under the leadership of the elephant the animals gathered under a huge tree and debated on the many ways of averting disaster.
They tried out the many ways they had discussed. As every single idea went in vain they finally decided that it was time to leave the forest and move elsewhere in search of water. But just as one last attempt the elephant said that they should all join together and pray to Varuna, the water God, to show some mercy on them. It was decided after a lot of debate that all the animals will meet on the appointed day, near the big banyan tree and pray to Lord Varuna. Just then old Mr.Owl opined that someone should inform Mr Leapy about the prayer meeting. Mr Owl said that he had not been attending any of the meetings and someone should find out what had happened to him.
At once Flappy, the butterfly offered to have a word with Mr Leapy. She reached the dried up pond where Leapy was asleep on a rock. She whistled softly in Leapy’s ears and he woke up rather puzzled. Flappy told him about the meeting. But Leapy was not willing to listen to Flappy. Leapy was scared that Mr Hissy, the snake would gobble him up the minute he set his eyes upon him.
Flappy went back to the animals that were still huddled up under the banyan tree. Flappy conveyed Leapy’s fears to them. Hissy thought for a while and then told Flappy to let Leapy know that unless he croaked, he would not gobble him up. Hissy further told Flappy that when he croaked it felt like an insult to the snake. The message was then conveyed to Leapy who finally agreed to attend the meeting.
The ‘prayer for rain’ meeting was successfully held as planned. And lo and behold it rained the very next day! The fiery firmament had finally relented. Drops of water bore holes through the hitherto leathery skies and like a lost child would run upon finding his mother, ran wildly towards mother earth!
The animals, in unison looked heavenwards and uttered words of thanks, looking visibly relieved. Hissy waded through the water in happiness. He slithered on top of the rock where Leapy was sitting peacefully. For some time nothing happened, except the rains. As the rain intensified Leapy began to croak gently to see if the snake would stick to his words. But fortunately Leapy’s croaks were drowned in the noise of the rain lashing fiercely on the barren land. Slowly Leapy wanted to tease Hissy more and more and started croaking loudly. Hissy leapt forward in one move and gobbled Leapy up! He also cursed all frogs to croak loudly during the rainy season, so that it is easy for all his snake brothers to eat up the stupid frogs.
Though the other animals felt bad for Leapy they were helpless. Old Mr Owl shook droplets of water off from his feathers and cleared his throat before speaking. He said that our tongue can be both our best friend and worst enemy. When Leapy had appealed to Hissy, his tongue had helped him articulate his fears and had saved him from danger. But the same tongue had done him the greatest damage too!
Let me recall sage Thiruvalluvar’s words “Yagavarayinum Nakakka”.It is important to hold your or it can cause you doom.