Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A friend in need

We have all heard stories about friendship and what it takes to be a good friend. Here is a story that we have often heard, but have never been sure how it ends.
Ramu and Shyamu lived in a village called Karimpur. They were very good friends and were always seen roaming together. Their parents were worried about them as they would disappear into the forest for long periods. Since they were both always together they were not afraid of the forest and seemed to know their way in and out of the forest well.

They picked pebbles all the way to the forest and upon reaching the banks of the river threw the pebbles into the river. They competed with each other in throwing the stones far into the river.

One day as they were walking, they saw a wild bear and both of them froze to the spot. Never have they seen a bear in the forest and both of them were unsure of what they had to do. Shyamu ran to the nearest tree and climbed the tree to protect himself from the bear. Ramu was stranded and did not know what to do. Finally as the bear approached him closely he fell to the ground and acted as though he were dead.

The bear sniffed him all over, yet Ramu remained still and held his breath. After examining him for a couple of minutes the bear lost his interest in him and went away. After ensuring that the bear was nowhere in sight, Shyamu climbed down the tree. He went near Ramu, who by then had sat up. Shyamu apologised to Ramu for running away and asked him what the bear did to him.

Ramu patted Shyamu and told him to calm down. He then put an arm around his shoulder and started walking homeward. Ramu told Shyamu that the bear told him to forgive Shyamu and continue to be his friend. The bear told him at times of danger how a person behaves is not under his control. So that should not be the basis of friendship. Ramu told Shyamu that the bear asked him to remember the good times that we have had together and forget this one incident as a bad dream.

Shyamu hugged his friend, tears rolling down his cheeks. All that Shyamu could manage to tell was, “How lucky I am to have a friend like you!”