Saturday, 25 May 2013

Trust is God

  Once there a lived a little boy who lived in a village called Gopalpur. Kittu was the only child to his parents and therefore they decided to educate him with all their might. Though his parents were poor farmers they believed that God will give them enough to educate their son. Kittu went to a nearby school.

The nearest school itself was about seven kilometres from their house. Kittu had to partly cover the distance through a forest. Many days his father used to press his legs in the night as he went to sleep. One day as his father was pressing his legs, Kittu told his father that he did not want to go to school as he was afraid was crossing the forest path alone.

His father thought for some time and then told Kittu that he was not alone and his elder brother Gopala is watching over him. All Kittu had to do, was keep chanting the name of Gopala and cross the forest path.

From the next day Kittu did exactly as his father had told him. After a few days Kittu began to wonder if there was an elder brother and if there was one he wished to see him in person. So the next day as he was chanting he started talking to Gopala and asked him a lot of questions. If Gopala did accompany him to school as his father had promised he would answer the questions that Kittu asked. Kittu began by asking Gopala where he lived. Instantly he heard a reply, “In the forest, of course!”

On hearing these words Kittu’s happiness knew no bounds. He would ask a lot of questions and Gopala would keep answering them. One day Kittu wanted to see Gopala in person and Gopala readily obliged. From that day onwards Kittu and Gopala would cross the forest asking questions and answering them. Once the forest ended Gopala would go back to his house and Kittu would go to school.

After a few months Kittu’s father asked him if he was scared of the forest any longer and Kittu told him that as long as Gopala was there he was not scared. Kittu’s father then gently told him that now that he was out of his fears he need not keep chanting Gopala’s name. His father explained to him that it was to expel his fears that he had told him about Gopala. 

Kittu laughed at his father and told him that Gopala was a real person who walks him till the edge of the forest every day. Kittu’s father was worried.

He wished to see Gopala in person if he did exist. So the next day Kittu promised to bring Gopala home and introduce him to his father. The next day Kittu explained his position to Gopala who initially refused to go. But Kittu began to cry. Gopala explained to Kittu that he was only visible to people who had absolute trust in him. But Kittu was insistent.

Finally Gopala agreed to go but on one condition. Kittu was not to look back and had to keep going ahead and Gopala would follow him. Kittu agreed and the two began to walk. As they reached the village Kittu saw a few curious villagers who were standing along with his father. On seeing them Kittu became very nervous. He turned his head slightly to look if Gopala was following him. He did not want to make a fool of himself in front of the crowd.

At the same time the villagers reached the spot. But alas, Kittu had broken the promise he had made. All that he and the villagers saw was the statue of Gopala.
Kittu realised that God was with him all these days and his faith made him see God. One moment’s mistrust had turned him into a statue.
From that day on wards Kittu worshiped the statue of Gopala with utmost devotion and trust.