Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Time is elastic!

 One day a man went to a Guruji and told him he was always short of time and that he did not find time for anything that he wanted to do. The Guruji told him that time is what it is for everyone. Then he began telling a story.

One day the Narada was chatting with Lord Vishnu and as usual, in a teasing tone asked Lord Vishnu what was needed to be a great Bhakta or devotee.

Lord Vishnu told him that the thinking about God amidst the daily chores makes a great Bhakta. “Then”, said Narada laughingly, “I am your greatest Bhakta!”

It was now the turn of Lord Vishnu to laugh. Narada asked Lord why he was laughing. Lord Vishnu then pointed towards Bhooloka or the earth and told Narada to keep following the actions of a farmer who had just woken up. Narada was now very curious. The farmer woke up very early in the morning, had his bath, did his pujas for about 5 minutes and went to the field. He tilled his field all through the morning and then ate the lunch that he had brought. He slept peacefully under a tree and then woke up around 3 p.m. He watered the plants and removed the weeds from around the field. 

He then sprayed pesticide, manured the field and washed himself up. Then, he got ready to go home. After one look to check if he had missed something, he set off on foot homewards.

As he passed through the temple he got flowers for his wife and for the puja the next day. He went home, played with his children ate his food and went off to sleep.

Now, Lord Vishnu handed over a completely filled cup of oil to Narada. He asked Narada to take 3 circles around the Lord himself. Lord Vishnu was now in a very mischievous mood. As Narada started walking, the lord told him that not a drop of oil should spill and he must complete the three circles within a minute. Narada took careful steps one after the other and went around the Lord. He completed one tensed round and prepared for the next. Lord Vishnu cautioned Narada that one small oil drop on the floor and Narada would not pass his test. Narada became doubly careful. This time he took smaller steps and ensured that the oil in the cup was intact.

Before the Lord could say something the third time, Narada intervened and said, “I know, Lord, not a drop of oil on the floor and I must complete three rounds in a minute, right?” Vishnu gave a charming smile laden with mischief and kindness at the same time. He felt sorry for Narada.

Once Narada finished his third round he put the cup down and sighed with relief. “Now tell me lord, am I not the greatest Bhakta?” he asked triumphantly.
“No” said Lord Vishnu. “You took three rounds around me and how many times did you think of me?” asked the Lord.

Narada objected at once. If a person has been given a tough task and asked to complete within a minute, where is the time to think about God?
Lord Vishnu told Narada, that the farmer had to reach the field early and finish his tasks and return home before sunset. To complete every single task in the field he only had measured time and yet with all the constraints that Narada complained about, the farmer took time to pray to God and to buy flowers for offering Him the next day. 

Lord Vishnu concluded by saying, in life you never get free time, you have to free time to do what you have to do. "Time", said Lord Vishnu, "is elastic".

When the Guruji completed the story, the man was only waiting to thank the Guruji as he knew what he had to do.