Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vibhishanan vs. Kumbakarnan Part II

 In reply to the invitation extended by Lord Rama, Kumbakarnan tells Vibhishanan that life itself is like a little design on water. It will dry up soon. 

Kumbakarnan says, “Vibhishana, do you think that the love for life will make me take up a position against the one whose home has been my shelter all these years?” Kumbakarnan tells Vibhishanan that he will lay down his life for the sake of the man who has fed him all these years. He tells Vibhishanan to join Rama without hesitation as he, the more learned has to be on the side of truth. He calls Vibhishanan the embodiment of truth and the leader of the world. But, he says, if fighting for the truth befits Vibhishanan, fighting for the sake of the brother who has brought him up, befits him.

If the King commits a crime, it is well if we can change him. If not the only other thing to do is to take up arms, fight for him and die before the one that gave you food and shelter all your life.

Ravana’s actions might have brought dishonour and disrepute, nevertheless a man like him who has ruled the entire universe and has been living a glorious life otherwise, cannot be seen dying alone in the battlefield, without his brothers.
Such greatness belonged to Ravana that he could shake even the mountain of Lord Shiva through his prayers. A valiant man like Ravana cannot die like a lone man on the battle field.

Kumbakarnan tells Vibhishanan that the lust for a kingdom will not make him bow down in front of the enemy of his brother. Kumbakarnan tells Vibhishanan that he has fought the Lord of death and won over him too! So during the war the entire enemy troop will have to bow in front of him. He says he is more powerful than Hanuman, Vaalli’s son Angada, Neelan, Samban and the rest of Rama’s troop, all put together.  

He says that he is like the sun that will wipe away the fog called Rama’s army. He roars that the monkey army will run on seeing him, akin to devas who ran away on seeing the poison while churning for nectar. The rivers will run. The fire and all the elements of the earth will run away in front of his valour. “Then in victory I will float like the kite around the world” thunders Kumbakarnan. If anyone that does not fear the battlefield appears in front of me, then barring Rama and Lakshmana, I will destroy everyone else, challenges Kumbakarnan.

He then calms down and tells Vibhishanan not to wait any more and leave the place. He asks Vibhishanan to resign to the fact that no more pleading will make him change his mind. He hugs his brother one last time and looks at him with love brimming in his heart for his brother. Finally he manages to tell his brother that their relationship ends and he has to move on.

Vibhishanan, being the wise man that he was knew that any further argument is futile and left the camp without uttering one more word.
After Vibhishanan leaves Kumbakarnan stands a broken man. The tears that roll down his cheeks were the blood from his body, as he watches his brother leave one last time.