Saturday, 5 September 2015

Who bullied whom?

Ajay and Raju were close friends, or so they thought! Raju had walked up to Ajay on the first day of school and asked Ajay to help him with some bullies who were beating him up. Their friendship began its journey as they began their academic year.

Ajay was good at everything that he did, while Raju excelled in studies. Though Ajay admired Raju’s academic prowess, he was busy learning new things and trying his hands at various skills that were on offer.

Raju, on the other hand, was always jealous of Ajay, though he did not show it out. Occasionally he would take a poke at Ajay, especially when an experiment of his misfired!

Ajay chose to ignore the taunts. One day, as Raju and Ajay were walking back home, Ajay fell into the river and started screaming for help.

Some of the passers-by rushed to the spot. Raju told them that Ajay was his friend and he was in the habit of acting and lying.

“He will be alright and requires no sympathy or help from any of you,” he said.

Only nature has the power to give relentlessly, as humans, we have to engage in a give-take relationship...
Some of them walked away while the others extended a helping hand. Meanwhile, a stunned Ajay started fighting with the water. He took the help that some of the passers-by offered him and pulled himself out of the water.

As Ajay walked past Raju, he asked him why he had done that to him. Raju turned around searching the place for help. Gautam, their senior was walking past and Raju rushed up to Gautam, asking him to help him as Ajay was bullying him!