Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The tiny drop of water!

Like a silver bell she danced around
Filling the air with a blissful sound!
She gurgled joyously like a little child,
Her steps were gentle, her mood mild!

Naively she danced with playful feet,
To the soulful sounds of nature’s beat!
She was the giver who asked for nothing,
As giving happily made her dance and sing!

But a callous taker is unkind and demanding
And takes as long as she is not complaining!
He took more than what she could happily give,
With anger she rose, making him unfit to live!

A tiny drop of water filled the space around her
As she was filled with filth and felt dirty and queer!
A tiny drop of playful water flooded the wide earth,
Washing away her dirt, leaving life hoping for re- birth! 

Her steps were gentle and her mood was mild...