Saturday, 19 September 2015

Vamana, come back!

God's own country Kerela,
Along with earth has fallen to man's ego!
God himself has no place to stay,
As the powerless sun is burning in his own hot ray!

The fire and water, soil and air,
Need a place to thrive, safe and fair!
Take life away, to yonder space,
Clean and safe, away from man's corrupting ways!

God, come back with your one foot,
If not the entire earth, you can save life's root!
Liberate nature as we are at our very low,
Come God, your Novah's arc needs a boatman to row!

God, come back to cleanse the earth of the accumulated pollution...

Picture Courtesy: Mrs. Shobana Ramakrishnan

Thanks Shobana, for the picture and the thought. It was a pleasure seeing the thoughts so beautifully pictured. You never fail to inspire me!