Friday, 11 September 2015

The joy of giving...Part III

Shruti waited for the lunch break in office the next day. She wanted to talk to someone to find out if her comparison of her father’s house with her husband’s house was normal. Most of her friends were unmarried and could not help her much.

“How is marriage treating you?” one of her friends wanted to know.

“I am yet to sense any difference,” Shruti did not find any point in talking to people about her marriage as she herself was not sure what her status was.

A couple of months later her husband’s grandfather passed away at a ripe old age of ninety! The rituals that followed left Shruti fatigued, but wise.

She abhorred rituals as none made sense to her. But the rituals that were performed for thirteen days, suddenly seemed to make a lot of sense as she saw Suraj’s grandmother grieving when she saw some relatives. Instantly Shruti knew that the old lady was comfortable with them. Surprisingly they seemed to like Shruti and showered her with love and affection!

Shruti not only met many relatives, but also understood the relationship without having to be told! The rituals of donating everyday items like umbrella, food, footwear, etc. initially seemed funny to her. But when she asked the priest for the reason, she was convinced. Every single ritual contributed towards bringing solace to the near and dear ones.

One of the relatives who had gathered commented that the priests made huge profit out of these rituals.

“Be grateful that we are in a position to give. Don’t think about their gain. The joy of giving will be lost,” grandmother was quite curt when she said this.

The next day, on the way back, Shruti made it a point to contribute at an orphanage to show her respect to the departed soul. She instantly realised that Suraj’s grandmother was right! 

 Shruti heard Suraj’s grandmother telling the youngsters not to cry and create a scene as her husband had lived a complete life and all his wishes remain fulfilled.

She then humbly requested all the youngsters to pray for her speedy exit!

The resilience of her personality and the grace with which she conducted herself appealed to Shruti. The day Shruti resumed office, the lunch table as well as its occupants were more than familiar with the courage of the old lady.

After a month or two, Suraj’s grandmother had decided to spend some time at her hometown. His brother, along with his family migrated to a different city owing to a job change.

The rituals were performed by the side of a river bank...
Shruti was back to her familiar surroundings, a self-contained nuclear family!