Friday, 10 July 2015

‘Wordly’ Wise!

When the whole world speaks, please listen,
For, when the world sleeps you would have risen,
From the deep well, wherein resides ignorance,
That causes agony and pain, so deep and dense!

Wisdom in words is resounding without clarity,
Since wisdom in action has become such a rarity,
As people have stopped living their own business,
Aping actions of others seems to make more sense!

Today’s ‘wordly’ wise generation knows not need,
As the law of abundance has yielded to their greed!
As the earth struggles under the pressure to give,
We struggle harder, unable to conquer the ego and live!

Word after wise word, spoken to  impress each other,
Leaving undesired effects in children, but none bother!
Hold on to your words until you have the entire fact,
Then respond to situations with wisdom and a little tact!