Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The distance between success and failure

As his world lay shattered in pieces so small,
He sat grimly, his back pushed close to the wall!
Not an ounce of strength could his feet muster,
As thought after tired thought formed a cluster!

From a missed promotion to a broken relation,
He felt life slipping away, slowly without a caution!
“What am I missing?” he asked himself in frustration,
Searching for answers from people living in his nation!

He met an old man whose words worked like a balm,
He was as spirited as ever, smiling with youthful charm!
The old man held him close and whispered in his ears,
That worked like magic erasing all his deeply held fears!

“The greatest distance between success and failure,
Is only as long as your rejuvenated mind can find a cure!
Search hard, within the hidden depths of your mind,
And then with renewed will to succeed, a path you will find!”

After a pause that held the young man still listening,
"What you think of as failure," he said his eyes glistening!
"Could be an ill-defined success," said the wise old man,
"Redefine your success and your failure may change its tan!"

It only took a moment for the young man to realise,
The power of human thought as brought out by the wise!
Define your success 'ere you think you are a failure,
And then every low moment, your strong mind will endure!