Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Battle on the field!

Men were needed, for the battlefield required helping hand,
And, ‘Send in one son,’ was the call to every mother in the land!
The earth was bloodied beyond recognition as it turned into red sand,
Each day, men fell prey to men, amidst the sounds of trumpet and band!

Call it greed, call it hatred, war after painful war was won and lost,
Each war was justified as the cause was noble and was justly fought!
The victory was celebrated in style and pomp, as the victor’s ego sought!
Failing to understand that the so-called victory was but a loss of their own lot!

But the day is not afar, when men will be needed to plough the field,
So the humans can win their struggle for survival with their labour’s yield!
The day is not far, when men will throw away their weapons and their shield,
And till their land to eat in peace; and rise together in unison, their hatred healed!

Hope is streaming through the tiny pores of the green leaves that beckon,
As a new generation is set to cleanse the earth, emerging as a force to reckon!
May mindless boundaries vanish letting knowledge replace every war weapon!
Let freedom define itself equally to all and integrity widen the world’s narrow horizon!