Thursday, 16 July 2015

The tantalising laddus!

Her eyes scanned the place before returning to the laddu. Once her eyeballs spotted the golden brown cashew, they behaved more like a flat surface than like a ball.

They stopped rolling any further!

After a few seconds they got back to scanning the surroundings. But the tantalising invitation of the ghee fried cashews was overpowering and her poor eyeballs were forced to return to it. If the power of two eyeballs was not sufficient, how could a single tongue fight the temptation alone?

Her tongue started responding to the cashew-nut’s unwitting invitation!

What her pair of hands then did was simply completing the formality.

“There you go again! What’s wrong with you? I told you not to touch the laddus until the Pooja was over!” screamed a lady’s voice from behind.

But little Meera had learnt to ignore her grandmother’s warnings and carry on with the dictum of her temptation.

Once the last granule of the yellow sweet found its way through the little girl’s alimentary canal, her legs were bestowed with the extra power needed to escape the old woman’s anger laden hands!

But that day, somehow, turned out to be different. The power of laddu failed before the anger of the old woman and Meera was caught stealing laddus!

Meera stood still in front of the small idol of Lord Krishna, her grandmother holding her by her arm.

Suddenly the little girl folded her hands in prayer.

“Oh Lord,” she began, “forgive my old grandmother, for she knows not the power of the gastronomic juices. I am sure you will not only empathise with me, but also thank me. Please call your mother Yashodha and let us both try and explain the concept to both the women.

In your case, you can continue eating butter while I can make do with one more laddu,” Meera pleaded with the lord.

Her grandmother hugged her little granddaughter.

She took her on her laps and gave her one more laddu.

Then, as gently as only a grandmother can, she explained the need for self-regulation and how it makes a person strong from within.

Meera listened to her grandmother.

“It is necessary to hold on to your temptation and not yield to it. As every home is a grooming ground, such tests are often conducted in households to make the children stronger and more resilient,” concluded the wise lady.