Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Sweetest Revenge…

She did all that she could do to avenge,
The act that had left her timid and sore!
The mere thought of it made her  cringe,
As anything she did, pained her more!

She could no longer hold herself still,
As thoughts from the past shook her so!
Pain seemed to have had its heart’s fill!
As emotions marched keeping her low!

Though she felt like shouting to the world,
She could hardly share her pain with others.
Though she had to stand upright and bold,
She lay flightless, with wounded feathers!

Finally she hit upon the best way to avenge.
By putting her past back, she rose like a star!
A life well lived is the sweetest of all revenge.
Her life turned sweet, her heart no more sour!

A life well lived looks beautiful and can be the sweetest revenge...