Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Patience Awaited!

Losing all of her leaves so dense,
The tree stood still in patience so intense.
Stoically, she bore all her pain and grief,
Awaiting the birth of a single leaf!

The birth of a single leaf...

The barren land had all but dried up,
The heat had left her burnt and used up.
Silently, she passed through her drought,
Awaiting the fall of a single drop!

The nine months dragged her slow,
The burden on her made her pale and low.
Smilingly, she was checking her weight gain,
Awaiting the onset of the single pain!

Patience yields life like nothing does,
Springing up almost instantly without a fuss!
Steadily moving even through the smallest vent,
Awaiting the next, every single moment!