Saturday, 7 February 2015

By God’s grace!

One day the Maker woke up with severe headache.
So He summoned his doctor to fix it, for God’s sake!
The worried doctor tried with everything he had,
But the headache refused to go, making God sad!

What on heaven could be the reason for the ache?’
Thought the doctor giving his grey brain a good rake!
After a thought, the doctor showed God something,
That enraged the Maker - in anger, he was seething!

The electronic gadgets were hugely poisoning heaven,
Which prompted God to take the help of his pet raven!
Go now, raven, fix the problem at once,’ God shouted,
The raven swiftly flew away, only to be wrongly routed!

Saddened, God sat in penance, on a huge mountain peak,
Before an idea finally took the shape of a gadget so freak!
His machine would draw all the others that humans used,
And pull those upwards, till they reached heaven and fused!

As soon as God switched his machine to life, the earth shook,
With pride God peeped down through the sky to have a look!
Alas, what He saw made him shriek and shutter in utter fright!
His machine was pulling the human machines with all its might.

But the maker’s machine was pulling the humans along too,
As they did not want to be separated from their ‘gadget-beau’!
Heaven was now filled with more than what the Maker wanted,
Worsening His headache, making Him feel sad and haunted!