Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Nothing happens, everything is…

In our eternal anticipation for things to happen,
We forget to live life as it is!
Many a moment, in this wait, we miss,
As, nothing happens, everything is…

We hold ourselves back for the right moment,
Come it will when we may feel low!
Then all we can do is let the moment go!
Don’t wait for something, everything is…

We wait to live until we plan right and execute,
Is not the planning a part of living?
‘There is no tomorrow,’ is a misgiving,
As, nothing happens, everything is…

We may, perhaps, not be a part of the tomorrow,
But for those who live, tomorrow is!
And why should we spoil their rightful bliss?
Live today as it deserves, everything is…

Life happens continuously, living life is also a continuous process. Make it seamless...