Tuesday, 14 October 2014

To me from myself

‘Why do I err?’ asked I to me,
‘Fatigue gets to humans, you see,’
Said a gentle voice from within me!

 My mind asked, ‘Why do I so despair?’
‘Cause a faulty past you cannot repair,’
The reason, my conscience laid bare!

‘What then is the cause for my stress?’
‘Learn to think about the future a little less.’
“That,” my conscience said, “is anybody’s guess!”

‘Why, I wonder, do relationships break?’
‘Well, one person in it must be a fake,
As a relationship takes two to make!’

‘What does it take to be at peace?’
‘Cleanse your mind of the greed disease.’
My conscience voiced with ease!

‘How then do you live life well?’
I asked my ever evolving conscience to tell.
‘Live now, in the past you should never dwell!’

Author's note: 

For many of the problems we face in life, introspecting provides solutions that will help us better. Here are issues that very often need introspection...