Thursday, 9 October 2014

This is what happened that day…

My uncle and aunt had to rush to visit an ailing relative. They dropped their son at my place. With three children, I was at wits’ end by afternoon.

I decided to catch a short power nap, which turned out to be a mistake! When I woke up I saw the floor completely covered with face powder and the threesome were skating on the surface. The noise that filled the house drove me mad.

For an instant I lost my cool. I quietly ordered them to wipe the powder off the floor. The three scared kids went on their knees and soon their little hands were filled with powder.

“Chitti, what should we do with this now?” asked my nephew innocently.

“Just rub your face with it,” I roared.

Instantly the three children covered their face with the powder that they wiped off from the floor.

Three innocent faces covered clownishly in white powder, acted like hot knife over butter, melting my anger.

I burst out laughing, which was exactly what the kids wanted. I asked my daughter to get the kajal and drew a thick black mustache on the boys’ face.

As I took out the camera in my hand and turned around, I saw three happy faces posing for the click!

Troublesome threesome!

We are back in form!