Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Head Strong Humans!

Intelligence was becoming a commodity,
As physical work stood banished from reality!
Humanity was running a bitter race against itself,
Competing madly to excel without self-help!

“Machine, machine,” cried men to make life easy,
The hands that held the machines became greasy!
Flesh and blood were quickly replaced with steel and oil,
And soon, humans forgot all about sweat and toil!

Walking became cycling, before cycling lost to driving,
And then in a jiffy, man-made machines started thriving!
The world was soon seized by nuts and bolts, chips and wires,
As they were ably supported by wheels and tyres!

“Human, human stop your slumber and wake up soon,
Look at the sun and the stars, I have made you a beautiful moon!”
The Maker screamed at us in many ways, whenever He possibly could,
But alas, mankind was running, and had no time for food!

When bones and joints cried out loudly in pain,
The machines were called to repair them, though in vain!
The body weakened while the intellect became stronger by day,
Until the heavy head made the frail body, sway!

Evolution, as they say, does what it has to do,
And soon humans were born without a body, save a few!
The earth looked like a battle field, with heads rolling everywhere,
As reality was nothing more than a night-mare!

A balanced life style is the need of the hour!

Slowly, the physically tough took over the lead role,
Taking the heads in their hands, they marched towards their goal!
The intellectual taunts, they knew, they had to ignore just for now,
As they had to restore the world and that was their vow!

They made themselves strong and toiled like before,
To make healthy and strong, the children that they bore!
In a few decades, things slowly became as they had once been.
Very soon, intellectual laziness was never to be seen!