Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tiny Wonder…

She was graceful as she walked around,
Contented with the little worm that she had found!
Her tiny little body was dark and sooty,
While the split white tail added to her mystic beauty!

Her purposeful pecks at the rich brown soil,
Made me realise that life was just a persistent toil!
Oh, little creature, I am in awe of your self-pride,
I said to myself, following her with my eyes open wide!

Surrounded by the huge world’s wilderness,
Without much of a care, she went about her business!
She had no time to fuss, nor could she complain,
As there was nothing that she would ever disdain!

If all of the beautiful earth’s life forms,
Lived their lives, obeying nature’s unwritten norms,
There is enough wealth for each of us living here,
Let’s make sure that we take only as much as we require!

Author's note:

I wonder why they call people with lesser IQ, bird brained. The birds seem to know how much they should take from the earth. 

Do you call this less intelligence? 

What is it to be bird brained?

'Only as many worms as my hunger demands!'
'My business for the day is done!'

'Time to go back to my nest and take a good rest!'