Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Physical means vs. financial means...

Rahul was an enthusiastic young man. His vibrant character attracted people towards him.

He joined a reputed firm at the junior most level. His hard working nature pleased his bosses and soon Rahul was travelling in the right direction as far as his career went.

Very soon Rahul climbed the twisted twines of corporate heights. Neither his marriage to his childhood sweet heart, nor the birth of his child affected his career greatly. AS he grew in his financial status, Rahul was pleased with himself and proudly declared to his father that he would be able to live the rest of his life within his financial means.

He started funding small time business establishments. Though he was satisfied with his growth, he constantly compared himself with his seniors and his thirst for more growth, grew.

It was at this stage that his father warned Rahul to take it easy and spend more time with his family. Rahul was running a race and he thought he would lose if he paused to look over his shoulder. So Rahul continued to run.
The day Rahul turned 40, his CEO called him to congratulate him on becoming the associate director of his company.
Rahul spent time talking with his father.
“Dad, I have ensured that even my children can now live within my financial means,” Rahul declared proudly.
His father was happy with his son’s growth, yet was apprehensive about his health. His son was going through a great deal of job related pressure. He did not have time to eat well or sleep well, exercising was a distant dream.
He would reach his car by taking 12 steps after finishing his breakfast. Every single personal job of his was taken care of by people around him. Whatever he needed reached his table with a single press of a switch.

Rahul’s prosperity made its appearance not only through his attitude, but also by way of excess weight and a protruding belly.   

In due course he started accumulating lifestyle related disorders. The day he was diagnosed with high sugar, Rahul slowed down for the first time. That night he went to his father with his blood report.

“Rahul, you always held your head high when you showed your report card to me,” his father’s pride was unmistakable.

“Yes, dad. For the first ever time, I am ashamed of my report card,” Rahul’s voice choked.

His father held his son close and comforted him.

“Rahul, in trying to live within your financial means, you never lived within your physical means. It is never too late. Change your lifestyle slowly. Any drastic change will not last long. Take your wife on long walks. Most importantly give yourself time to recover and stop pushing yourself too hard,” his father concluded.

Rahul began thinking about what his father had just told him. He had never realised that means meant both financial and physical!