Friday, 26 September 2014

Formless words...

The war of words has taken a centre stage in the scheme of global happenings as much as it wreaks havoc within families.

Humanity needs to take a pause and analyse intentions more than it analyses words. This, in my opinion is an urgent need.

When we have crossed this barrier as far as words are concerned, we have the second barrier to cross. Often we find people promising to deliver great things, but they go only as far as their intentions take them.

Delivering small deeds in action makes us more trust worthy than promising to deliver greater things and failing. Such failure results in both physical and mental fatigue. Slowly we become abusive and even ordinary words uttered by others hurt us. 

Let not the formless words uttered by others be the basis on which we form our opinion about the speaker. Dive deeper into their intentions, better still, wait for their actions to speak about their character!