Sunday, 14 September 2014

Choosing a hobby...

Bala was an investment banker. He was very highly disciplined and stuck to a strict regime. He was an early riser and reached office on time.

His work schedules, though, were crazy and stressful. After work, everyday, Bala went back home to a mug of hot and refreshing coffee. The coffee, prepared in freshly boiled milk and served piping hot, completed his day.

He would then retire to his room to his hobby. He enjoyed playing chess through the evening. After dinner he would finish one more game of chess before retiring to sleep.

His routine remained the same through the years as he watched his children grow up to become young adults.

One day, when his son was in the first year of college, his mother called him, panic written all over her voice.

He rushed home to see his father in bed. His father had suffered a mild heart attack. The house hold had turned topsy-turvy.

On seeing his son, Bala held his hand and asked his son to come back home and continue his studies from home.

What his son told him left Bala speechless!

 Dad, it was your dream that I should follow in your footsteps. I am embarked on the journey that was your dream. How can I let your dreams down?”

After a couple of days his son packed his bags to follow his father’s dreams. As he left, Bala’s wife held his hand and spoke softly to him.

“Bala, I kept telling you to spend more time with the kids when you were home. Your career occupied your physical and mental space,” his wife told him.

“You were mentally occupied in office. Therefore you should have chosen a physical hobby. You could have played with your children, taken them out for cycling, trekking, or jogging. It is important and necessary to choose a hobby that is different from the nature of work that you have in office,” the wise lady concluded.

Bala spent the day introspecting on what his son and wife had told him. In sometime Bala felt better. His doctor was also pleased with the improvement in his health. A month later Bala resumed office. But a couple of days later he resigned from his job and decided to relocate to the city in which his son was studying.

Though his son continued his studies staying in his hostel, he visited his parents during the weekends. Bala joined a school nearby as an academic supervisor.

When a few of his friends asked him the reason for his sudden shift, Bala smiled and told them that his children never questioned him when he changed cities owing to his career.

“I feel it is my duty to follow my children and aid them in their career growth, just as they had helped me in the past,” concluded Bala.

“You have not only helped your son, but also his mother,” added Bala’s wife after his friends had left!