Monday, 8 September 2014

Justice – Just and Ice!

A little flower blossomed on the lap of good earth,
What joy, what glee her mother felt upon her birth!
“I shall keep you safe and sound,” vowed her mother,
Lovingly hugging her new-born, as gently as a feather!

In time the small girl grew, spreading happiness around.
The old village came to life as she was talent abound!
The village hailed her as their newfound hope and joy.
Until one wicked day, fate took the form of an evil boy!

Her life lay in shambles under the thatched roof of a shed,
And she lived all her life thereafter, as a mother unwed!
Her mother was in a hurry to find justice for her daughter,
And hence went back to her creator to ask for her laughter.

“Oh, Mother come back, you are my laughter,” she pleaded.
But alas, the dead are gone forever, their life’s battle conceded!
She sold herself to raise her child in the world that shunned her.
For, now, she was no more a victim, but a dreaded shame forever!

One day the boy visited her, for he needed her valuable service.
He did not know it was her and hence offered her hefty fees!
The fate that shamed her was the same fate that famed him,
He was rich and therefore powerful, his evil past was far and dim!

As she saw him, her heart was pierced by pricks of a thousand pins!
“Justice, justice, visit me this once, that I may forgive your past sins!”
But what is justice, when a guilty is not punished in action by the wise?
It is a mere sound brought together by the two little words, just and ice!