Thursday, 28 August 2014

When WAGs tail…

The success or failure of celebrities, be it the cricketers or the football players somehow seems to be associated with their WAGs tailing them.

When the players perform well it is due to the lucky charm of the wife and they seem to fail when accompanied by their girlfriends.

When a player’s girlfriend accompanies him, he should ensure that he performs well, failing which the relationship itself can hit rough waters!

The failure or success of a men, especially those in the sporting world, has been, for long, attributed to either their girlfriends or wives.

Blame the girl friend for the failure and laud the wife for the success!
I pity the coaches and the trainers, the physiotherapists and the managers. All the planning and efforts put in by them in keeping the players fit and fighting are of no use, unless the players are accompanied by their wives and of no consequence when accompanied by their girlfriends!