Tuesday, 12 August 2014

From Corporate to Clinic?

Training has become the most essential part of corporate culture. It has become a fashion statement for employees to attend training programs often. 

There are also outbound trainings that presumably, help employees stay fit!

Fancy names are given to training programs and competition between the HR firms is on the rise. A fresher’s induction training is now called ‘From Campus to Corporate’.

The training provided, though, is largely old wine in a new bottle. Technological progress has lent itself to glamourizing the training arena, though trainees are as bored now as they were in the past!

The training world needs a whiff of fresh breath that can make enlighten the trainees and break their boredom. Instead of ‘humanistising’ the science and technology spear, the training programs are fast moving towards ‘technologizing’ humanities!

Subjects like language and arts are taught within a rigid framework. After many rounds of filtration, the trainees are fed with what is absolutely necessary for them, from a strictly work-related perspective!

The fun is lost and seriousness has crept in, in every sphere of corporate horizon. This continuing trend is giving way to many life style related disorders.

Very soon, it will be time to start a new training program. May be we can call it ‘From Corporate to Clinic’!