Sunday, 10 August 2014

Even the Gods are not spared!

“Procedure,” they said, “had to be followed!”
And no one should be spared.
“Bypassing procedure cannot be allowed,
And passwords are never to be shared!”

The bunch of youngsters nodded in rapt attention,
As none dared to speak against authority!
They all needed the job and so were in great tension,
And were all alone in a new city…

One day God decided to visit the fresh employees,
And headed straight to their workplace.
There was a sign which read, “Your ID card, please?”
A hanging camera looked into His face!

At the door- way He was met by someone He had not created!
“Rules are by what people here abide,”
Said the man-made man to the men-maker, unabated!
God wondered; he had no bona-fide.

He needed a photograph and proof that He was God!
He wouldn’t be allowed to enter the office,
And the juniors, doing their duty, got an approving nod,
As He did not have even the registration fees!

Disappointed, God slowly retraced his steps to heaven,
As he saw the notice at the heavenly gate,
He realised that he had been away for years, almost seven!
“Your ID, please," read the display slate!