Monday, 4 August 2014

C is not an alphabet, I bet!

When I was a kid, basic was a word in English.
C++ was actually a grade that would earn us a spank,
That made us study hard and aim for a better rank.
Can’t the words mean what they meant, how I wish!

Java was actually an island, on a faraway land,
Which we vaguely knew was a part of Indonesia,
Its population almost equaled that of Russia.
Advanced Java would mean they had an upper hand!

Perl would only mean that you forgot an ‘a’,
And had to erase and rewrite the whole word again,
Till it read ‘Pearl’ that you would see in a chain!
Once upon a time the world used to function this way!

Those were the times when a word meant a word,
Rather than a document, prefixed with the initial ‘MS’.
And an access would allow me to reach without a fuss!
Alas, now when I hear a word I must re-check what I heard!