Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The past, the present, the future

When I had lived long enough
Or so the maker thought,
There lay the long winding path I had traversed
And the battles I had fought!
God descended upon me one day
Took me with tender care
With a deep sigh I held on to my creator
And saw a sight so rare.
In front of me there lay the path
I had so far traveled,
The patterns, at places, looked like a labyrinth
That I naively marveled!
Some of the path was long and straight
Not a turn, not a bend
I looked at the patterns more deeply to study
What it could lend
Finally, I asked God himself to explain
The shapes that I saw
He began with the straight road ahead
I listened with dropped jaw!
That was the time when I looked ahead
Living for the present
“What about the labyrinth I see there?” I asked
Wondering what it meant.
Those, my child, were the numerous times
When you were confused
Thoughts from the past criss-crossing with the present
Hmm…, I mused.
“Oh God, When did I make those spirals?”
I asked him to explain
"You planned for the future that did not exist
 And realising it was in vain,
You came back to the present which had moved ahead.
This explains the spring!"
“Why didn’t I walk straight more often”, I wondered
Adjusting my wing.
“There you go again”, said God with a smile
Making labyrinths even now,
On your way back home from all your learning
Smilingly, I took a bow!
Habit, you see, I told Him to which he replied
“Never mind
You will see many more labyrinths as we go
That has made me so kind!”