Saturday, 12 October 2013

The beautiful struggle called life...

What is life without a struggle?
Ain't it lovely, Ain't it beautiful,
That sometime later when we are wiser,
We recollect the tough time with a giggle?

What is life if always smooth,
Everyday just as normal as the one before?
Neither rough weather nor heightened joy,
Nor a moment to be a little uncouth!

Nor a moment to be a little uncouth...
What is life without humour?
Let the others laugh when you fall.
Don't bother making a fool of yourself,
Just brush aside untrue rumour!

Live life one step after the other.
While enjoying your hard earned success,
You have to introspect on failures alike!
Life then becomes as light as a feather!

  Author's note:

During Tamil New Year's day, a special 'pachadi' or sauce is made.

It contains raw mango (for the astringent and sour taste, Jaggery, an uncentrifuged sugar for the sweet taste, Red Chilli and mustard for the pungent taste, Salt for salty taste, dried flowers of Neem tree for the bitter taste).

Children, especially are made to eat this. As they eat, they are told that like the dish, our life is made up of different types of experiences and as human beings we all go through different emotional phases. Life itself is nothing but a sauce made out of such varied experiences and emotions.

Initially, for me it was difficult to get used to the taste. But over a period of time, the taste grew on me. Today, when I give this to my children I tell them what my parents had told me about life...

For an authentic recipe of the dish you may visit