Thursday, 17 October 2013


With a soft tread
She drifts along her course.
To the barren banks
A green charm she blows.
And then with zeal and zest
Life follows!

A green charm she blows...

Twinkling with silver beads,
She moves with gentle force.
The air around fills,
With mild fragrance as she flows.
And then with zeal and zest
Life follows!

With a brave heart-
Over every barrier she soars.
Flowing silently ahead
With struggle only she knows.
And then with zeal and zest
Life follows!

Flowing silently ahead with struggle, only she knows!

Defining enchantment, endless
Beauty and boundless courage,
You are the life giver!
With reverence we all bow,
Oh! mother river guide us,
So we may follow! 

Author's note:

Every element in nature is a wonderful teacher. Without hurting our ego and pride these elements seem to tell us something through their mere co-existence. If only we took the time out to understand her in all her complexity, we could refine our own thoughts and consequently our behavior. 

Here is a poem on the river that teaches us the power of persistence. Sometimes we tend to stereotype people as being calm or strong or patient. But the river reminds us that depending on the path that she treads, she fine tunes herself. Human beings, like the river, change based on the situation that we encounter.

Assuming people to behave in a similar manner from birth to death shows a certain amount of naivety in our thought process. We as human beings have to change adapting ourselves to the situation that we are in rather than holding on to a single thought, come what may!