Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The true lies - Part I

The universe is diverse in its theory about truth and lies. All definitions seem insufficient in sifting truth from lies. What we speak today with conviction is what we might deny tomorrow, with the same conviction. 

Here are three stories that give us a sense that truth and lies are situation based and cannot be defined by any mortal.

One day a hunter took his hunting weapons and went in search of his prey. He walked a long distance in the forest but did not set sight on a single animal. It was surprising to him as he has been hunting for his food and livelihood from his age of 10. Never in the past has he seen the forest, so devoid of animals. In fact, he used to wonder how God was always kind towards him.

Sometimes, he even used to ponder over deeper things like what God wanted in return from him and whether he would be able to fulfill God’s wishes. But that day, however, he dismissed these thoughts, as they were getting too heavy for him to process any further. Tired and hungry, he lay down under the shade of a tree, which has been a constant companion during the two decades of his ‘hunting career’. He sensed his thoughts converting into hazy dreams, as sleep overtook his tired body. 

He was woken up by a sudden noise. As he got up rubbing his eyes, he saw the shadow of a huge animal walking towards him. The silhouette of the creature was vague and one that he had never seen before. He promptly took out his bow and arrow and readied himself for a fight. His instincts told him that he was on the verge of a tough battle. 

Tired and hungry he lay down under the shade of a tree. The forest became hazy as his tired eyes closed shut!

Suddenly the beast turned towards him and instantly he knew that his instincts were correct. He drew the bow with all his might and pulled the string as far back as possible. Surprisingly, he was not scared. His hands were steady and he remained focused.  He then released the arrow, giving it all that he had. The arrow swished past the trees on the sides and pierced the creature that stood there, huge and scary. It made a noise that was deafening. It walked closer to the hunter, who had taken his second aim at the creature. This time he went for its neck and released the arrow in one swift action. The animal was stuck a second time and this time it let out a scream that was louder still. The hunter took position with the third arrow and as he drew the string and was about to release the arrow, the creature fell dead in front of him. 

The next instant flowers came down in a shower from the sky falling on the hunter’s head. He looked up but could see no one. He heard a voice that was very divine. The voice told him that he had killed one of the most dreadful demons and his place in heaven was now booked. He has accomplished the task which God had destined for him. The hunter was a happy man and continued with in life with a sense of satisfaction and inner peace.

One day he met a saint who was walking in the forest. He was happy to meet another man with whom he could share his story.  What the saint said in reply astonished him and he realised that truth and lies are a hazy image, something like a mirage, which we will never be able to define.

                                                                       -to be continued...