Thursday, 18 July 2013

The ant and the honey bee

Once there lived an ant by the name Chinti. His best friend was the honey bee, Makeey.

One day Makeey was looking distraught and was rather silent. Chinti wanted to know why Makeey was so silent. He went to Makeey and asked him what the matter was.
Makeey said he worked hard all through the year, gathering honey and making a storage house for the honey that he collected. He told Chinti that it took him months to create the honeycomb and painstakingly he went back and forth to the various flowers to collect the honey. His numerous trips to the flowers and back to the honey comb made him tired most of the days.

Chinti was listening to his friend silently. He understood that the Makeey’s hard work was indeed genuine. Chinti then prompted a distraught Makeey. “I know, my friend, I have seen you work pretty hard. Well, let me tell you something. All of us work hard and life itself is a struggle. Don’t despair. You are doing a beautiful work and you will be suitable rewarded”, said the Chinti.

The Makeey stopped him at this point and angrily interjected. “I was not rewarded, worse still, my honey comb was ransacked and the lazy humans ran away with all my honey” said the Makeey, who, by now was inconsolable.

Chinti understood the pain that his friend went through. But he did not know how to calm him down. After all, it was a lot of handwork and he had to begin from scratch. But Chinti knew that his friend needed help and advice. With caution, Chinti took the Makeey by his hand and silently took him to his abode.
Makeey was astounded to see the amount of food his friend had stored under a tiny hole which was well hidden.

Chinti told Makeey that he also worked hard and stored food for the rainy days. “The only difference is that I hid it from prying eyes. You exhibited your wealth and it was stolen” concluded the wise ant.

Makeey understood what his friend meant, thanked his friend. He took an oath to be smarter this time and make his honey comb where none can reach it. 

After Makeey left, Chinti became busy, shifting his food to a new hide-out! 

Working hard, coupled with working smart, is the need of the hour!