Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The true lies – Part 2

The hunter was overwhelmed after hearing the story of the saint who was passing by. The saint had narrated his tale to the hunter after patiently listening to the hunter’s account of his life. 

The saint had taken an oath in the presence of the Almighty that he would never tell a lie in his life. True to his words he had lived an honest life and kept up the promise that he had made. 

One day as he was sitting in his ashram an innocent man was chased by a gang of robbers. The robbers looked very fierce and were heavily armed. The man who was running away from them did not seem the sort who would get into troubles.The saint was quite astonished. He asked the man what the matter was. The man was gasping for breath and just managed to tell the saint that he was an accidental witness to a murder that the group of robbers had done and they want to kill him too. So saying the man told the saint that he wanted to hide somewhere and the ashram was the safest place that he could think of. He dashed into the ashram and climbed on to the attic. 
Meanwhile, the gang that was chasing him reached the ashram. They looked everywhere around the ashram, but could not find the man. They went to the saint and asked him if he had seen a man trying to escape from them. The saint was in a dilemma. Since he had seen the man he could not say otherwise. If he told the truth, an innocent man would be killed.

The saint told the robbers that he had seen the man. The robbers then asked him in which direction he ran. The saint pointed towards the ashram.The next minute God appeared in front of the saint and told him, that his truth had done more harm than good and hence he is destined to spend his time in hell after his death. 
All the hard work and penance done by the saint went in vain. He was sad and started wandering in the forest from then on.

The hunter told the saint that there is a thin line between truth and lies. He then humbly bowed in front of the saint and told him that there was a similar story of a saint that he had heard when he was a little boy. 
The hunter began narrating the second story.
-         To be continued…