Saturday, 30 July 2016

Stranded with a single strand!

King Vallabh Verma was getting old, though his queen did not think so. One day, as luck would have it, the King encountered a demon which agreed to be the King’s slave, provided the King kept him engaged with some work. Only too delighted with the constraint placed by the demon, the Kind took him along to the palace.

The next two months saw the tired King enjoying his retirement, while the demon carried out the King’s orders to near perfection. Soon, like a storm in a tea cup, trouble began to brew.

The demon began completing his assigned tasks faster and with better accuracy. The King was running out of jobs to keep the demon engaged with.

He called for an emergency meeting and the best of his ministers were told to keep the demon engaged. But soon, they too ran out of tasks to keep the demon busy.  The palace was running from pillar to post, finding new jobs.

Finally, exasperated, the King narrated the happenings to the Queen.

The Queen tried hard to suppress her amusement. She then told the King to bring the demon to her chambers.

“Are you sure, my Queen? He has me all tired within just two months. Ruling the kingdom was not as difficult as keeping the demon engaged,” the King confessed.

The Queen was sure that she could tackle the situation. The demon was ordered to meet the Queen in her chamber. As soon as the demon was in, the queen pulled out a silver strand of hair from her wise head. She gave it to the demon and asked him to split it length-wise into a thousand parts.

It is believed that the demon is still hard at work, while the King ruled his kingdom with renewed energy.

The King is believed to have asked the Queen how she had managed to tackle the demon.

“Experience,” she had summed up!