Thursday, 30 June 2016

Leathery Finish!

A drop of water left the friendly firmament,
And fell on the brown earth as though God sent!
The soil sizzled with relief, nay excitement,
Life awaited the moment to spring, humbly bent!

Green and brown danced in a holy tune,
Prosperity would join them with glee, jolly soon!
Cooling the earth on a hot summer noon,
What joy bring these to life, an incomparable boon!

A hurried silver drop followed her peer,
As rain drenched the thirsty earth without fear!
The rivers swelled up with pride and cheer,
Once upon a time these resources were not so dear!

Flora and fauna thrived with each other,
As the blue sky was adorned with colorful feather!
The tilted axis offered the right weather,
All until man wanted his needs fulfilled in leather!