Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Ultimate Giver

After a week in bed, my son got to his feet after the dengue fever. He had some notes to be photocopied and both of us decided to take a short stroll.

Once the job on hand was done, we began our walk back and as always my son’s foodie feet started slowing at the sight of a food stall. I let him take a look. I just wanted him to get back to normalcy.

Though in his early teens now, I feel emotionally drained when he falls sick.  He wanted to eat something hot and I stopped near the corn vendor. The lemon and chili powder that the street side vendor rubbed over the corn made our tongues water liberally.

I asked my son to head back home, while I stood there patiently waiting in queue, behind the others who had placed their orders before me. When the guy ahead of me had to pay, he realized that he ran short of Rs.5/-. The corn vendor told him to give it the next time he bought corn. I was awestruck at the generosity of this road side vendor.

Instantly, I decided to pay an additional Rs.5/- along with my share. He accepted it gracefully and I proceeded. As I neared the next stall that sold flowers and greens, I realized that I needed coriander and curry leaves. I asked the vendor to give me a bunch of each.

I opened the purse to shell out the money. As I fumbled, I realized that I was running short of Rs.5/- !

“Bring it along tomorrow,” I heard the generous vendor say before he proceeded to serve his next customer.