Sunday, 4 October 2015

For now...

Enjoy the current moment like there was no moment before and none after,
There will be more life to your joy and to your laughter!
Just do what you have to do today, before planning for an uncertain future,
This will heal all your past wounds like a golden suture!

Deep within each soul is connected to its maker and to no one else,
Our bodies are rented for a short time as empty shells!
The shells do not define us as much as our thoughts and deeds do,
May our thoughts transform into deeds that help a needy few!

We fail to understand the pains of another person until we experience it ,
Empathy makes us humane and emotionally fit!
Fill your life's card with kindness, 'ere you fill your report cards with aces,
Pause for others to catch up, slow your paces!

Take time to read a poem and watch the sky, give a loving smile and relax,
Let not as whole day be consumed by an e-mail or a fax!
Make way for the gentle feelings and tender moments, for we live but once,
Live for a worthy cause, when you die you take not a pence!

Just live the moment, so you may relive the moment with a smile!