Monday, 19 October 2015

Drop your burden...

The beautiful firmament threw a visual feast,
Calming my restless mind that wandered like a beast!
The mighty blue sky lay laced with clouds, vast and high,
Dressed in perfect hues, complete with her seven coloured tie!

She was done with her crying from past burdens,
She let the sun shine, dispelling the drops through his lens!
Wiping away her heavy tears into a spectrum, smiling wide.
Blessed were those eyes that were privy to her roller-coaster ride!  

Blessed were the eyes that were privy to her roller-coaster ride!

Such is life, full of tides, rising high, only to ebb away.
Hold on to your spirits high, as a new sun rises each day!
Cry if you must, for the mighty sky cries to shed her burden,
But allow the sun to shine, to warm your soul and light your garden!

Actions bring you closer to your goals, so despair not,
For success is defined by the brave, whose battles are fought!
Wait a while, work harder, you are always on the brink of victory!
For those who stay, the perils of life are nothing but lessons in history!