Friday, 8 May 2015

They also entertain, who only mop and dry!

While some men rise up to name and fame, some work equally hard, if not harder, but remain on the side lines.

On the second of May 2015, I watched the first ever cricket match from a stadium. I had played on grounds plenty of times, but this was the first ever time that I visited a ground as a spectator!

The contest, an IPL cricket match played between the home side Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders, had to halt before it began, as the clouds decided to play a match, sending down huge droplets of water. For a good hour and half the heavenly match continued while the prayers on earth were for the Gods to stop their game, so that the mortals could begin theirs.

But soon, the spectators urged the rain Gods to continue, as the word about the refund condition spread. Our money would be refunded if and only if not a single ball was bowled.

Perhaps due to a signal delay between heaven and earth, the Gods heard our initial prayers a wee bit too late, allowing time for ten overs to be bowled, halving our money’s worth.

But no sooner had the rains ebbed, an army of men swarmed the ground. The next hour or so was a sheer feast for the eyes.

No. The game had not begun yet.

An army of grounds men, busy as ants...

An army of grounds-men had taken over the job of keeping us entertained from the heavenly Gods. They moved the mopping machines all over the ground like little ants and dried up every inch of the huge ground. They marched from one end to other mopping the ground with machines and ropes hoping to get a nod of approval from the umpires.

Their energy level was infectious!

Their request was turned down thrice and all the three times, they began all over again, undaunted and tireless!

Their energy levels were so infectious that the crowd remained rooted to their seats. The snack sellers did their bit, keeping the spectators’ jaws busy and tummies filled! When the umpires were finally satisfied and allowed the cricket celebrities to enter the ground, cheers filled the air, more for the hard work and entertaining work done by the grounds-men.

Their uncelebrated cerebrum strategized the drying work, so that the celebrated cerebrums could take over and strategize ways and means of winning the game.

The match was played, but the men who were originally meant to keep the crowd entertained finished in the third spot, behind the watery firmament and the energetic grounds men!

We returned home, happy and satisfied, not just because our team had won the match, but also because we got three times our money’s worth!
What a massive job it was to dry the massive ground...
The method they used to mop and dry the ground can be developed into a routine which itself can be developed into a skill. Not only will it become a lucrative profession, but also teach the dignity of labor!