Sunday, 24 May 2015

The web is my home

Buzzy the bee was as proud as he was lazy. He went from flower to flower, insect to insect, bragging about his achievements.

The queen bee and his other friends often warned him about his careless behavior towards his work. But Buzzy did not heed their wise counsel.

One day as he was flying about, he saw a spider. The spider was busy making his web. Buzzy, stopping at a safe distance from the spider.

“Hey Spidy, what are you doing there?” he yelled out to the busy spider.

Spidy carried about with his job, only giving a cursory glance in Buzzy’s direction.

Buzzy yelled again, this time much louder.

“Hey, buddy, what are you doing? I am feeling bored. Can we play together?” he asked.

“I am busy right now. I shall play with you when I am free,” said Spidy.

Buzzy was not happy with the reply.

He went a little closer and saw Spidy spinning his web with a fluid from his own body. “Disgusting! Your house is not made of the best materials around, I observe. Have you ever seen a honey comb and the amazing architecture?” Buzzy boasted.

Spidy did not reply and went about his business.

Buzzy continued to distract Spidy. After a long time Spidy completed his work.He turned around to Buzzy and asked, 

 “Why don’t you test the strength of my house before comparing it to your architecture?”

Buzzy was unaware of the consequences of accepting Spidy’s invitation.

Luckily for Buzzy, his friend, who had been searching for him, pulled him away, just as he was about to step into Spidy’s web.

Buzzy and his friend disappeared, but not before Buzzy witnessed the fate of an unlucky insect that accepted Spidy’s invitation!

Buzzy turned around to his friend and thanked him for saving his life. Thereafter,Buzzy had very little time to boast about himself to strangers.
Spirituality is the ability to focus on what you do, unmindful of the negative comments that surround you!