Wednesday, 22 April 2015

When in doubt follow nature!

A king escaped with his defeated, depleted army with no clue on how to begin afresh.

One day as he roamed the country side with his minsters and loyal soldiers, he hit upon an idea. The king had heard of a fertile area somewhere in the vicinity of where they were currently located. On inquiring about the place from the locals there, he found out that the king of that land was no more and the land was in total chaos.

“This is an opportunity for us to capture the place and bring some peace and progress there,” he told his ministers. But the catch was that the place was on the other side of a huge mountain.

The ministers suggested that they get as close to the mountain as possible and then decide what next to do. The army marched closer to the mountain and waited. Suddenly, one of the ministers spotted a goat grazing on top of the mountain.

“Hey, look there! A goat! There must be a path that will take us to the mountain top,” he exclaimed.
Eager to begin a new life the army attempted to climb the rough terrain of the formidable mountain. But very soon they lost their way and did not know how to proceed. They decided to climb down as the sun was setting and very soon it would become dark.

As they were climbing down, they saw a few goats climbing down ahead of them. When the goats had gone past, they saw a lone boy with a stick in his hand. Relieved, the army ran towards him. As they neared him, they realised that the boy was blind!

The king quickly introduced himself as a traveller in search of a livelihood. The boy guided them down mountain. Once they reached the foothills, one of the ministers asked the boy, how he could climb the mountain without being able to see.

The boy giggled mildly and said, “I thank God for making me blind. What is obvious to a blind man is not so obvious to people with vision,” he said.

The king and the ministers had to agree with the boy.

“I feel the spots where the goats step on. It is smoother that the rest of the area. I keep feeling for the spots and follow them,” he said, amused at the ignorance of a great king.

The next day the King and his ministers were seen feeling the rocks before stepping ahead. Very soon the little army were seen marching like tiny ants on top of the mountain!

What is obvious to a blind man is not so obvious to a man who can see!