Monday, 1 December 2014

The ‘Ration’ nation

Once there thrived a nation that gave food through ration,
As poverty was rampant and life existed without passion!
But very soon the subjects became unduly lazy and laid-back,
As food and other supplies were delivered for free in sacks!

In time it became a habit for them to buy from these shops,
And even those that grew richer could not be weaned off!
They became used to subsidies and refused to spend money,
And the few that refused the ration were considered funny!

Along came a king, honest and wise, to rule this nation,
His heart ached to see the rich shopping at the ration!
Very soon he brought a rule that made his subjects sit up,
They gathered in huge groups and asked ‘what’s up?’

The king stood firm, neither did he relent, nor did he stoop
He ration buyer’s house was inspected by the king’s troop!
If you buy at the ration shop, you live in rationed space,’
They blared through the mics as they marched to their base!

For the fear of losing their palatial houses, the subjects refrained,
From visiting the fair priced shops and the really poor gained!
Gradually the kingdom became a beautiful place for all the citizens,
And as the poor grew in economic status they took not a pence!
People’s self-respect grew as the ration shops steadily decreased,
None offered favors, none extended their palms to be greased!
A fair and strong nation emerged, replacing the old ‘ration nation’,
As their astounded neighbors watched them in utter fascination!

Self-help and self-esteem had become their new living order,
And prosperity and happiness spread along their border!
Help, like a crutch must be held on to when the leg is broken,
When the leg heals the crutch becomes an added burden!