Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How the victors became the losers!

The resounding trumpet announced their victory,
Though, by then it had become an old story!
The troop marched with their heads held high,
As the noise of their victory reached the sky!

Their opponent had been formidable and strong,
And hence the celebrations, special and long!
Soldiers took to the streets in happiness and glee,
And marched like kings, for the others to see!

The losers mourned their brave, dead and departed,
And as a nation worked hard to get things sorted!
As days became months, the loss was silently owned,
Though a thousand souls waited to be mourned!

After the dead were buried, the living were haunted,
A revenge, a victory was all that they wanted!
They toiled away to rebuild their strength and power,
Until they heard something that made them shiver!

The family of a dead solider was heard in an interview,
The trauma and the tension was shared by his beau!
She spoke slowly and softly, as she looked pale and shaken.
“Victory,” she said, “is a myth waiting to be broken!”

“Yes, I belonged to the side that won the brutal war,
And saw the celebrations from my window afar!
Though people were happy beyond the walls of my house,
I could not share the glee as I had lost my spouse!”

She had decided to make the defeated soil her new home,
So that she could mourn under the loser’s dome!
“For the many like me, the victory is nothing but a great loss,
And therefore, we want to fight for a loser’s cause!”